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Genre: Games

Release Date: July 20, 2009

Have some free time waiting somebody? Bored by the lesson? Tired of tons of IQ tests, tower defence stuff? What you need is some mind-relaxing game! Play this addictive bubble shooting arcade!

You'll need few seconds to get used to it and you'll be able to play for hours clearing the bar again and again!

Enjoy these features:
* aim and shoot by touching the screen anywhere you need!
* simple yet cute graphics
* multi-lingual interface (supports English, French, Italian and Russian)
* 8 special bubbles
* 2 screen modes for everybody's needs
* compatible with iPhone OS 2.0 and later!
* suitable for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Shoot the bubbles before they reach you!

This is a LITE version. Buy FULL ad-free version for unlimited levels and unlimited fun!

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© A. Kurulenko



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