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Puzzle Family

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Genre: Games

Release Date: July 06, 2011

Crack up with Puzzle Family!
Join Akoo in his 8 crazy puzzle games filled with action and fun!

Addictive modes, vigorous game play:
They will change your thoughts about puzzles.
Get hooked on ridiculously comical characters
and blasts of colors! The most well-known crazy game already played by over 5 million Korean users: Puzzle Family!

Collect all puzzle pieces to move the family to a house with more wacky features.
Try to get all the quirky costumes for the 20 family members.
Compete with your friends and get higher rankings!

Easy and smooth control loaded with excitement,
now available on the iPhone and iPod touch!

***** 8 Eccentric Puzzle Games!
1) Flick and Fly
– Someone messed up the room. Clean it up before mom comes home!

2) Boing Boing
– Blocks spring up to stick and pop! Have fun bouncing them around!

3) Copy Copycat
– Have a good memory? Remember the puzzle to duplicate it!

4) Who's Next?
– Waiting in line… How far can you count?

5) Order the Order
– Too many orders to take! To keep them in order, you need speed.

6) Shanghai Pop
– Match and Pop the Chinese way!

7) Tap on Time
– Tick tock, goes the clock! Tap on time to clear the blocks!

8) Hide and Seek
– Baby puzzles hide: roll them around, and match them right!

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