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Hair Plucker

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Release Date: September 14, 2011

*** Thank you for making our app #1 in multiple countries!!! #bestweekever ****

Why is there a Hair Plucker app, you ask? Because it's PLUCKING awesome! 😉

Have you been playing the Pimple Popper app and wondering what else can top that? Wait no further as the same people who created that app are proud to present Hair Plucker – a new GBA (Gross-But-Addicting) app for you! 3 types of hairs to pull out: short, long, ingrown. And yes, the same people that you love grossing out with our Pimple Popper app will probably react the same way when they see you playing this! 😉 So "hairy" up and download now! Happy plucking!

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