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Are You Quick Enough? – The Ultimate Reaction Challenge

phuong vo

Genre: Games

Release Date: January 25, 2011

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How quick are you fingers? Race against time and yourself to achieve the best score in each challenge. Some of the challenges include doing the perfect wave at a baseball game, dialing a lock combination, turning the hands on a clock to get the right time, and many more! Your performance statistics are recorded for every challenge!

An exclusive iPhone/iPod only game that takes advantage of the platform to bring a truly fun and challenging experience.

What are fans saying:
by morebaby – "Full of imagination."

by Kjmmmmmm – "I love it!!! Dinner can wait another 15 min."

by Ellejay3107 – "OMG. This is so addictive. I can't put it down!"

by Sam Stokoe – "Awesome – Awesome game the best reaction one I've played!!!"

by Dan Meah – "Agressively addicted! – OMG I can't stop & I won't give up until I get all 3 stars!!!!!!! Get iiiiiit!"

by moeFab – "…I just had surgery and have been out of class for a week and this game reminds me that I haven't totally lost my mind."

by Sareesu – "This game makes me feel like I have something to prove. Can't….stop….PLAYING!!!"

by Fordy62 – "Ace! – The silhouette game is almost impossible to get 3 stars on!!! But I did it on my 74th attempt!!!"

by Tyrant76 – "Keeps my mind going but not stressing out at the same time :)"

by Flippy845 – "…[I'm] not as fast I thought. Gonna make my sister play it… All in all, a top app and I'm very fussy."

by OceanSax – "Made me missed 3 buses while playing at the bus-stop!!!"

by Kelly grennon – "great – this game is awesome, especially since its free right now. has lots of levels that require your top speed and smartness. on one level i got stuck for over a day and tried 70 times was amazed when my friend got 3 stars on the first try. really fun."

by mudtimud – "I saved a girl from getting hit by a car thx to my awesome reflexes from playing this game! We're now happily married with five kids thx to this game! f-f-f-f-Five STARSssss!"

★ A #1 Top App in U.K and Singapore!
★ A #2 Top App in United States!
★ A #3 Top App in Canada!

*44 CHALLENGES that will test your reaction skills to the limits! Challenges have different themes and gameplay elements!
*4 Unlockable Bonus Challenges
*View your performance statistics for each challenge so you can compare how well you are doing with your friends.
*Includes EXTRA HARD CHALLENGES for the gifted people with quick fingers and a quick mind!
*Challenges are fun and tough but NOT FRUSTRATING!
*Supports Fast App Switching, resume where you left off!

App Usage:
*Falling asleep at work? Play ‘Are You Quick Enough?’ for a jolt of energy!
*Trying to impress a girl? Show your best score to impress her.
*Hate your brother? Let him play first then humiliate him while he watches you decimate his score!
*Have an upcoming test? Stay sharp by keeping the brain active with ‘Are You Quick Enough?’ breaks.

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