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Don't touch it HD artwork

Don’t touch it HD

Nico Boo

Genre: Entertainment

Release Date: November 02, 2011

For entertainment purposes and does not provide true finger scanning functionality
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This is the Free version of the International Successful LockScreen of iPhone : Alarm System.You can use LockScreen of iPhone : Alarm System to lock your phone with the Pattern Code!
When you download this free version, you should know it's only a prank for fun!

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Concerned that people might be trying to get access to your private information while your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is left unattended? Have a nosy girlfriend or boyfriend? Deter all intruders! The pro version:LockScreen of iPhone : Alarm System is an app for that! 

The pro version:LockScreen of iPhone : Alarm System is an ideal tool to keep your device untouched and rattle someone who dares to use it without your permission! As soon as someone grabs your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, a super loud alarm will go off that will startle anyone around. To turn it off, a secret code must be entered.

How to use this app:
Simply put finger on the scanner, the application can scan and verify your finger. Then grant the phone owner or deny other people to use the device.This app is only a prank app, you use it to fool your friends and scare them. It isn't used as the other purpose!

More info is in usage page.
Watch their expression of awe as you are granted access while when they try it, the alarm goes off and access is denied.
At this time. Cool, Funny and "Priceless" for you.

-Scan your finger and get access to your device
-When others scan they get Access Denied message, leaving them dumb folded
-Impressive iPhone theme graphics to add more realism
-Cool sound effects

Thank you for your downloading!!

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