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Snowy Farm

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Release Date: December 07, 2011

Do you like Winter? Do you like Snow? How about farming & using your harvests to create cool Farm Products like Wine, Cheese, Pizza and Pies? Snowy Farm is all about this and much more!! 🙂

Experience the winter effect on your farm and plant crops while playing in the snow.. 🙂

Grow Alfalfa to feed your cows to make milk or corn to feed Chickens to make eggs.

You can sell your milk, eggs & flour right away but wouldn't you rather save them to make bread and sell it for much more profit? 🙂

Decorate your Snowy Farm with a variety of items from the store including wide range of special Winter decors that would go perfectly well with your winter farm. :).

Grow crops, Raise cute animals and make Cheese, Wine, Pies, Popcorn and many more products!

Complete quests to gain extra bonuses and to progress in the game faster!

Oh, and don't forget to use fertilizers to reduce growth time for your crops/trees & use the Auto Harvest tools to harvest EVERYTHING from your farm in in one-click .

You can also get Greenhouses where all your crops grow faster & don't spoil!! AND you can automate the operations on your farm by turning on your helpers so that your production doesn't stop even while you are away from your Snowy Farm! 🙂

Try solving these puzzles & improve your Snowy Farm performance!

How to make Milk?
How to make Honey?
How to make Cheese?
How to make Ketchup?
How to make Pies?
How to make Smoothies?
How to make Pizzas & Burgers?

Finally, you can invite your friends to grow crops, raise animals & use makers together to create the best farm products ever!!!

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