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Kick the Buddy Free


Genre: Games

Release Date: December 07, 2011

Even if you're a relatively stress-free person you need to blow off steam at some point or another. Kick the Buddy is a PERFECT METHOD OF STRESS RELIEF! Choose the face for the Buddy from your Photo Library or just leave him as he is and…do with him whatever you want!

In this TRULY INTERACTIVE GAME you can kick the Buddy, make him a target of a missile, pull Buddy to pieces, play mini-games with him, make him dance and have a whole lot more smashing fun! Watch him spin, bounce, explode and DE-STRESS YOUR DAY! 

Kick the Buddy Free features:
– Fully physically simulated!
– Unique elements not available in the full game!
– Lots of ways to punish or entertain your little buddy!
– Kick the Buddy and earn money for buying new weapons, elements, and mini games!
– The Buddy has Artificial Intelligence and comments on all your actions!
– Game Centre support!

Grab this game to ensure you're never without a way to lower your blood pressure or a perfect tool to kill a few spare minutes! 

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